Unified Communication and Collaboration Solutions

(Verse UCC)

Empower Your Workforce with Advanced Unified Communications

Verse Telecom presents an all-encompassing Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) platform tailor-made for today’s dynamic workspaces. Seamlessly combining voice, video, messaging, and presence, our solution integrates perfectly with renowned services like Microsoft Teams and Zoom Phone Systems. It’s an all-software VoIP solution that’s not just about cost savings and smarter call handling; it’s about elevating your business communications to be as mobile and versatile as your team.

Our UCC services are crafted for modern enterprises and residential users seeking a robust, scalable way to enhance communication effectiveness. With capabilities to merge voice, video, instant messaging, web conferencing, and collaboration tools, our platform delivers on the promise of a traditional PBX system. It goes beyond offering advanced features that redefine connectivity.

Key Advantages for Today’s Hybrid Work Environments:

  • Comprehensive Communication Tools: Engage in rich chat, video conferences, and screen-sharing with full visibility into colleagues’ availability.
  • Seamless Integration: Connects office handsets, mobile devices, and computers, ensuring you’re reachable on any device.
  • Unified Workspaces: Bridge multiple sites and remote employees into a cohesive workforce.
  • Business Continuity: Enjoy automatic call rerouting for uninterrupted service.
  • Scalable Solutions: Adapt and expand your communication system as your business grows.
  • Smart Call Handling: Automate scheduling for day/night services to manage call flow efficiently.
  • User-Friendly Portal: Make changes on the fly with an intuitive self-service portal.
  • Cloud-Based Architecture: Minimize capital expenses with no need for onsite equipment.
  • Access to Leading Technologies: Benefit from cutting-edge communication tools and regular feature updates.

Designed for the Agile Workforce

Our platform recognizes the need for flexibility, allowing teams to interact effortlessly, irrespective of location. It complements your existing IT ecosystem, enhancing tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom Phone with added UCC capabilities.

One Platform, Infinite Possibilities

Verse Telecom’s UCC is the epitome of workplace flexibility. It converges phone calls, chat messaging, employee presence, video, and desktop sharing onto one seamless platform, providing real-time communication tools across all devices, including iOS and Android.

Simplicity and Efficiency at the Core

Setting up our UCC service is a breeze with no onsite hardware requirements, reducing overheads and streamlining management. Our managed installation ensures you hit the ground running from day one.

Growth-Oriented and Cost-Effective

Our technology scales with your business needs, supporting expansion and a growing mobile workforce with transparent, per-user pricing for easy budgeting.

Uncompromised Call Integrity

Hosted on Verse Telecom’s resilient network, our UCC service guarantees superior call quality and reliability for your essential business communications.

Biggest savings ever on home and enterprise internet and telephony, up to 30%.

Verse Telecom offers a straightforward, discounted, cost-effective solution for enterprise telephony and unlimited internet access, ensuring reliable connectivity and streamlined communication.

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