“Verse Telecom Ltd is an industry leading provider of voice and data communications services, equipped with highly trained professionals that possess wide experiences in developing solutions.”

Verse Telecom provides a wide portfolio of services covering enterprise voice solutions, SIP trunking, fully managed and cloud telephony solutions, contact centre, data connectivity, and International dialing offerings.

Our competence has been known to deliver high level of customer services and as next-generation voice services becomes more commoditised and tariffs tumble, businesses and organisations are increasingly looking for a service provider that has the capability and good service fit for their requirements.

We pride ourselves on offering unrivalled levels of both expertise and service, at Verse Telecom. We provide a varied range of solutions for all sizes of company, from the small medium to the large global enterprise, across all sectors. Our extensive and varied experience allows us to offer our clients a wide range of systems and services which maximizes efficiency, increases productivity and delivers security, while also being cost-effective and adding real business value.

Furthermore, as a leading provider of voice technologies and telephony solutions, we have proven technical capability across all of voice services requirements. There is an ongoing commitment to identifying and deploying new technologies where there is a clear benefit to customers and return on investment to partners. We follow the principle of continual service improvement and offer services with the best SLAs, QoS enabled bandwidth and multi carrier resilience to customers and partners.