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Starting at ₦15,000/month
Secure Connection

10x faster than the current standard of WiFi.

Experience a monumental leap in connectivity with Verse Telecom’s fibre solutions, delivering speeds 10x faster than the current WiFi standard for unparalleled online performance.

Ultra fast Connection

Discover ultra-fast connection speeds with Verse Telecom's fibre-optic broadband, designed for seamless streaming, gaming, and downloads.

Secure Connection

Verse Telecom ensures your peace of mind with secure connections fortified by advanced encryption and cutting-edge cybersecurity measures.

VoIP/SIP Connection

Optimise your communication with Verse Telecom's VoIP/SIP services, delivering crystal-clear voice quality and seamless business integration.

Biggest savings ever on home and enterprise internet and telephony, up to 30%.

Verse Telecom offers a straightforward, discounted, cost-effective solution for enterprise telephony and unlimited internet access, ensuring reliable connectivity and streamlined communication.

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What we offer

Delivering Seamless Voice and High-Speed Data Solutions

Verse Telecom stands at the forefront of Nigeria’s digital revolution, offering a comprehensive suite of high-speed data and crystal-clear voice services to keep you connected. Embrace the future with our reliable, cutting-edge telecommunications solutions designed to empower businesses and enrich lives across Nigeria.

Fibre Broadband Internet Access (Verse Fibre)

Verse Telecom offers ultra-fast Fibre Broadband in Nigeria, ideal for HD streaming, gaming, and unlimited high-speed downloads for home and business users.

SIP Trunking & Intelligent Communication (Verse SIP)

Verse Telecom's SIP Trunking offers scalable, cost-efficient business communication solutions, enhancing legacy systems for seamless digital transformation.

Unified Communication and Collaboration (Verse UCC)

Verse Telecom's Unified Communications services revolutionise workspaces with integrated voice, video, and collaboration tools, enhancing enterprise mobility and connectivity.

White Label Cloud Communication Platform (CPaaS)

Verse Telecom's White Label Cloud Communication Platform delivers robust CPaaS solutions for seamless enterprise and residential service integration.

WebRTC, Value-Added Services & RCS

Verse Telecom boosts digital engagement with WebRTC and RCS Apps, enhancing enterprise communication with real-time, integrated multimedia solutions.

Enterprise Solutions & Managed Services

Verse Telecom offers advanced Enterprise Solutions, including VPN, SDWAN, and Giganet services, for secure, high-speed, and scalable business connectivity.

Who we are

Verse Telecom: Connecting Dreams, Unleashing Possibilities

Verse Telecom is committed to pioneering cutting-edge telecommunications solutions that empower individuals, businesses, and educational institutions. With a focus on innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction, our mission is to enhance how people connect, communicate, and collaborate in an increasingly digital world.

Revolutionising Home Telecommunications

Verse Telecom delivers high-speed fibre broadband and telephony services, ensuring seamless connectivity for the modern, digital household.

Transforming Business Communications

Elevate your enterprise with Verse Telecom's integrated business communication solutions, blending high-speed internet with advanced telephony for growth and collaboration.

Enabling Educational Advancements

Verse Telecom empowers educational institutions with specialised telecommunication services, fostering interactive e-learning and efficient school management.

15+ Years of Experience


Our Approach to Achieving Meaningful Change

Transforming Workspaces Beyond Boundaries

From device-centric to user-centric: work beyond boundaries is our mission.

Enhance Unified Customer Experience

A highly collaborative, connected experience is our goal.

Driving Dynamic Delivery

Driving productivity and reducing latency is our core.
Why Choose Us

Experience the Future of Connectivity with Verse Telecom

Choose Verse Telecom for unparalleled telecommunications solutions that offer a fusion of lightning-fast fibre speeds, reliable enterprise-grade telephony, and superior customer service.


Benefit from competitive pricing models that offer the best value for high-quality internet and telephony services.

Proven reliability

Depend on Verse Telecom’s proven reliability for uninterrupted high-speed internet and telephony services that keep you connected when it matters most.

24/7 Premium Support

Experience peace of mind with Verse Telecom’s 24/7 premium support, offering expert assistance and unparalleled customer service around the clock.

Safe & Secure Connection with firewall protection.

Enjoy a safe and secure online experience with Verse Telecom, featuring robust firewall protection to safeguard your connection against cyber threats.

Cutting-edge Technology and Innovation

Stay ahead of the curve with our state-of-the-art telecommunication technologies that drive efficiency, productivity, and seamless communication.

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Customer Services

Discover exceptional customer service with Verse Telecom, where our dedicated support team offers swift, reliable assistance for your Voice and Data needs.

Ticket Support

Experience seamless support from Verse Telecom, ensuring prompt resolutions and unparalleled assistance for all your connectivity concerns.


Gain valuable insights with Verse Telecom's articles and news, designed to optimise your communication strategies and business efficiency.

How it works

Your Journey to Enhanced Connectivity with Verse Telecom: A Four-Step Process.

Consultation and Customisation

Initiate your upgrade with a comprehensive consultation to tailor our data and voice solutions to your specific requirements.

Seamless Setup and Activation

Experience a hassle-free setup with our skilled technicians, ensuring a smooth activation of your tailored telecommunication services.

Integration and Optimisation

Seamlessly integrate our cutting-edge data and voice solutions into your existing infrastructure for optimised performance.

Ongoing Support and Evolution

Benefit from continuous support and regular updates, ensuring your services evolve with the latest telecommunications advancements.

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